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The Twelfth Doctor: “I hate soldiers!”

*Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart, Captain Mike Yates, Sergeant John Benton, Junior Ensign Commander Vislor Turlough, Private Sally Morgan and Captain Lysandra Aristedes look confused*

Posted 6 days ago

Am I the only one who finds Ten/Rose and Eight/Charley creepy? The Doctor is a several thousand year old Time Lord with a granddaughter older than both of them combined. I just don’t see what he’s doing messing around with 19-year-old human girls. It seems really weird to me.

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The fact that there have been four companions that were medical professionals, two doctors and two nurses, leads to some interesting possibilities…

Amy: “How was work today?”

Rory: “Alright. Had a shift with Dr. Sullivan in the ER.”

Hex: “Sorry, I gotta go. Dr. Jones will have me head if I’m late again.”


Harry: “Where is that Nurse Schofield?”

Hex: “Right here, Dr. Sullivan.”

Martha: “Nurse Williams, I need the records for the patient in room 113.”

Rory: “Of course, Dr. Jones.”

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Big Finish has spoiled me. I can’t see Seven and Ace as a complete team without Hex anymore. They’re like “You like Seven and Ace? Well here’s some Thomas Hector Schofield to make it even better.”

Posted 2 weeks ago

Evelyn Smythe spent some of her dying moments calling out the Seventh Doctor. I love that woman.

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There’s really no reason not to think that the male Time Lord in “Listen” wasn’t Irving Braxiatel. Just sayin’.

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So I was reading that background information about The Corsair and there was one thing in particular that caught my eye, #4:

"Most Time Lords disproved of The Corsair. The Doctor, on the other hand, got drunk with him (in The Corsair’s Fourth and Eighth incarnations) and with her (in her Fifth). Each time The Doctor swore he would never do it again. Twice ,they woke up in jail. Once, they woke up in the Bank of England vaults."

I kept wondering which incarnations of The Doctor was present during these three times and came up with the following headcanons:

The time they woke up in the Bank of England it was the Second Doctor. The Corsair had brought along Iris Wildthyme to introduce to The Doctor. No doubt she was the one who brought the drinks. This is why, as stated in “Excelis Dawns”, Iris doesn’t really remember how they met and The Doctor tries to forget.

The first time they ended up in jail The Doctor was in his Fourth incarnation. They woke up to Romana I standing on the other side on the bars, arms crossed, looking down at them in judgement and refusing to pay the bail. Finally she can get some peace and quiet in the TARDIS for a while.

Eight definitely ended up in jail with the Fifth Corsair. No doubt with a bad case of amnesia.

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Tegan/Turlough banter is one of the best things in the entire 50 years of Doctor Who.

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I’ve always wondered if, being medical professionals, Harry, Hex, Martha and Rory ever sat down with The Doctor and bombarded him with questions about Gallifreyian physiology.

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Sometimes I remember that Jamie doesn’t remember Victoria and I cry.